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The State of Interracial Marriage in the U.S.

Basing its data on the 2010 Census reports, The Pew Research Center’s Social and Demographic Trends Project found that more than 1 out of 6 new marriages in the U.S. take place between people of different races or ethnic groups. While the Pew Research report itself bears some closer (and more critical) examination, this trend report certainly did make for a good news sound bite, and as a consequence there was much reporting on this topic in mainstream media. And a secondary theme of this reporting focused specifically on the ‘inter-ethnic marriage trend’ among young Asian Americans as a way of explaining the drop in interracial/out- marriage rates among that ethnic group (historically one of the highest).

A collation of reports and articles (some more problematic than others) to go along with our topic of “Chop Suey Love” today.

From Pew:

The full report; an executive summary on the rise of intermarriage; another summary, on the phenomenon of ‘marrying out’

And a handy interactive graphic of "Who and Where"

A Washington Post article on the more generalized phenomenon: "Intermarriage rates soar as stereotypes fall"; and the much-discussed New York Times article by Rachel Swarns that focuses on inter-ethnic marriages among Asian Americans: For Asian Americans, A Tie that Bindsas well as Jeff Yang’s response, "The Real Reason Asian Americans Are Out-marrying Less,” in his Tao Jones column in the Wall Street Journal.

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